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Being in a lockout situation can put a real damper on your day, especially without help. Luckily, wherever you are in Travis County, Locksmith Austin Inc can get you back inside. Need new keys made for your vehicle, home, or office building? Close out that internet search and ring us up.

We make the art of door unlocking look easy. It is not because we’re magicians, either.

It’s because our highly trained team of professionals have all the tools that the average citizens does not. Spending hours trying to figure out a way back inside can remind one how being stubborn won’t get you very far. Drop the ego and let us open locked door. That AC is waiting for you.

Residential Lockout- We know firsthand how tough it can be

I’ll never forget coming home after a twelve hour long shift, sticking my key in the door, and hearing it snap. I was tired, hungry, and now I had broken my key. I wanted to explode with anger. Instead, I called the best Locksmith Austin Inc had to offer. I was not locked of house for more than twenty minutes or so. Could not believe how fast they arrived.

If you ever find yourself the victim of a home lockout, I would recommend doing the same thing. After helping get your doors open, we can install new locks to ensure that this does not ever happen again. Once replaced, there should be no issues with turning, inserting, or removing keys from the mechanism.

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Automotive Lockout- Don’t hurt your ride, we’ll get you back inside

car key replacementHave you ever come back to your vehicle after hours of shopping, only to realize you have left keys in car? Call Locksmith Austin Inc and we will get you back into your car before that ice cream starts to melt. With us around, the stress of a car lockout is a thing of the past. We can be on our way to you and open locked car door in mere moments.

Be careful when considering trying to unlock car door yourself. Slim Jims and other household tools can do some real damage to your ride. Our patented devices will safely open it back up with strategically placed air pumps. Watch us do it. It’s actually pretty neat. If you’ve lost car key, don’t worry. We’ll make new key today.

Commercial Lockout- Peace of mind means a productive day

key replacement austinAn office lockout can be a major stressor. Especially if you are trying to reach a deadline. All it takes is a momentary lapse in attention for that door to close behind you.

Locksmith Austin Inc will get you back inside before your boss ever has the chance to lecture you.

Did a disgruntled ex-employee leave with a way to still access your building? Better change office locks, just to be safe. That way, they can be locked out of office for good.

Giving everyone the peace of mind deserved. It is smart to make new key, even if nobody needs it yet. That way, you will be one step ahead of a business lockout.

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