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Locksmith Austin Inc will extract broken key from any kind of door you can find. Whether it is for your home, business, or vehicle. You have a friend in us.

Would you like a lock change for your bedroom? We will replace your cylinder so those nosey kids or roommates can stick to minding their own business.

If you would like to install new locks on the outer doors of your new house. It can be done at your convenience. Having to change locks should not slow your day down or get in your way. It is one of those things that a single phone call takes care of.

Residential- Store grade shouldn’t be your grade

You should change house locks through Locksmith Austin TX. Because those that are store bought can be easily picked by an amateur thief. Let us install new locks in your residence. We will provide you with a lock change that is more substantial than the simple builder’s grade quality. That means a more complex and secure system of tumblers when we change locks for your house.

Most people in Austin, Travis County, Texas think they need an entire replacement when calling. Usually, they end up only needing to rekey a lock. This is less expensive and time consuming. Sometimes, those older mechanisms can seize up when left without lubrication. When that happens, your key can snap right off while inside. We can extract broken key for you if this does happen.

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Automotive- Take care of your car and it will keep taking care of you

car key replacementDo you need to change car locks? Don’t keep putting it off. Leaving your vehicle at the mercy of anyone in Austin, Travis County, Texas can be a risky gamble. You will not be gambling when you come to us. And chances are, we can rekey car lock for you so there won’t be extra charges for changing the whole system out.

As your vehicle ages, you may want to change ignition key, eventually. Waiting until it fails could end up costing more than this routine maintenance. Because failing means it stopped turning and broke off. In that case, you will need our broken car key removal services as well.

Commercial- Old buildings need new locks

key replacement austinIf your business is nearing or past ten years old, it is definitely time for an office lock change. Those old mechanisms are worn down and sure to give out sooner or later.

Plus, who knows how many people out there have a copy by now. Locksmith Austin Inc will change locks for office and business, any time of day. Even weekends.

Would you like to rekey an office lock? Doing it yourself can lead to expensive repairs if you have the wrong tools. We would recommend leaving it to the professionals and saving your energy for the bigger things.

We can also install office locks with keypads so you don’t need to make any copies after we change locks. Just share the code with the necessary personnel.

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